No-Code / Low-Lode for internal tools and for quick prototyping for Startups

No-Code / Low-Lode for internal tools and for quick prototyping for Startups


  • Pilot LowCode/NoCode project to select the best tech stack for internal tools development and rapid development/prototyping for our clients
  • Quick implementation of internal CMS to solve the real business case
  • Flexibility with object fields, workflow, reporting
  • Keeping all the data inside the company’s database
  • The cheapest and easiest change and maintenance without developers

Tech stack:

  • Initially we selected no-code platform Coda.
    • The following platforms were considered/evaluated: Airtable, Fibery, and Code no-code platforms.
  • But later we faced performance issues and decided to switch from no-code to low-code platform with our own data storage. And we selected Postgres + JetAdmin.
    • The following platforms were considered/evaluated: Retool, Tooljet, JetAdmin, Internal, Appsmith, UI Bakery, and ForestAdmin.
    • We also considered but quickly rejected Stacker, AppGyver, Node-Red, Thingsboard, Xano, Git Butler, Sonadier, MightyForms, Blur Admin, Tabler, KissFlow, DatoCMS, SunSed, Betty Blocks, Knack, Interflow, NocoDB, BudiBase, Google AppSheet
  • Later we faced support issues and also considering pricing and functional limitations we decided to switch to completely free Appsmith.


  • Implemented internal CMS using Appsmith
  • Later (using our previous lessons learned) we quickly implemented a CMS prototype for a big retail company using Appsmith
  • We now consider Appsmith as our platform of choice for quick prototyping and small internal tools
  • However, no-code/low-code platforms are still NOT an approach for ambitious products that require large growth and flexibility
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